Ahem, tree ties

Plant, Shrub and Tree Ties

By choosing the correct tie for the size of a plant, you not only protect it from wind damage and tissue damage but you will encourage the plant to develop its own strength for wind resistance.

The ties we stock either have recycled or reusable credentials and ringing praise from gardeners.

ImageItemMade byDetailsCost
Flexi-tieFlexi-tie Flexi-tieFlexi-tiediameter 3.5mm (medium) , length 35m, reusable£6.50
Chainlock tieChainlock tie Chainlock tieRainbow no.2, chainlength 1.14cm, coil length 25m, recycled MDPE polythene£12
Buckle tree tieBuckle tree tie Buckle tree tieRainbow length 45cm, width 2.5cm, recycled PVC£1
  • A collar or twist in the tie between the plant and the stake helps to prevent rubbing and surface damage to the plant.
  • The best ties allow some stretch to allow the plant to increase in girth but ties shoud be checked for slackening once a year to check that that tie is firm but not restricting growth.