seed sowing

Sow seeds like a professional!

There is nothing like the thrill of seeing seeds that you have sown, sprout and grow into little plants. Our range of products helps to make this process even more enjoyable.

Treat yourself (and your seeds) to a traditional wooden tamper or seed tray set or have the satisfaction of having made your own eco-friendly pots with the original Nether Wallop paper potter. Traditional and wooden never looked so good.

ImageItemMade byDetailsCost
Black waterproof marker penBlack waterproof marker pen Black waterproof marker penArtlinesuitable for writing on wood and plastic£2
White waterproof marker penWhite waterproof marker pen White waterproof marker penArtlinesuitable for writing on plastic, slate, glass, stone etc.£3
Wooden dibberWooden dibber Wooden dibberNether Walloplength 25cm, calibrated£5
Wooden labels - mediumWooden labels - medium Wooden labels - mediumBurgon & Balllength 15cm, 6 pack£5
Wooden labels - jumboWooden labels - jumbo Wooden labels - jumboBurgon & Ballwidth 2.5cm x length 25cm, 5 pack£9
Wooden Paper PotterWooden Paper Potter Wooden Paper PotterNether Wallopwidth 6.4cm x height 7.6cm£11.50
Wooden pegsWooden pegs Wooden pegsNether Wallopwood length 5cm, spike 4cm£5
Wooden Seed TraysWooden Seed Trays Wooden seed traysBurgon & Balltrio pack; 1 large (34.5 x 24 x 8cm), 2 small (22.5 x 17.5 x 7cm)£12
Wooden Tamper -squareWooden Tamper -square Wooden tamper -squareNether Wallopbase 8cm x 8cm£6.50
Wooden Potting RiddlerWooden Potting Riddler Wooden potting riddlerBurgon & Ball4mm galvanised mesh,base diameter 20cm, height 7cm£15
Wooden Tamper -roundWooden Tamper -round Wooden tamper -roundBurgon & Ballbase diameter 8cm£6.50
Black soapBlack soap Black soapMarius Fabre250ml olive oil based soap, biodegradable, suitable for all household cleaning and aphid control£8.50
  • The seed trays are made from untreated pine: other timber items are in FSC oak or beech.
  • FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This organisation promotes responsible management of forests. Any product with its logo on assures you that you are buying a product made with timber from a well-managed forest.
  • The wooden plant labels are easily reused: simply sand off the writing on your label.
  • Ok, so (sow?!) pegs don′t fit in really - but you may need to hang up your jumper or coat when you warm up in the potting shed ...... or greenhouse...... or kitchen...... or......