Gather your harvest safely in

Harvest your Bounty from the Garden

Harvesting the produce that you have grown is one of the great pleasures of gardening. Why not make it even more enjoyable by having the tools to do it with and the satisfaction of returning to the kitchen with a trug full of veg!

Apple pickerApple picker Apple pickerBurgon and Ballwire head, 146cm FSC wooden handle,foam lined to prevent bruising the fruit£13
Berry pickerBerry picker Berry pickerNether Walloplength 22cm, width 14cm, depth 6cm, dishwasher safe plastic£10
Wooden trugWooden trug Wooden trugBurgon and Balllength 57cm, width 27cm, shaped wood with brass screw fastenings£20
Heavy duty Handy HandsHeavy duty Handy Hands Heavy Duty Handy HandsNether wallophandy for fast collection of leaves, prunings, grass collection£12
  • Apple pickers are also suitable for harvesting pears and plums.
  • Compared to simply picking berries by hand, using a berry picker can at least halve the time needed to harvest the fruit. The plastic comb separates the berrries and the berry picker is suitable for all sorts of berries; currants, bilberries, blueberrries, elderberries, sloes, damsons to name but a few.