hand tools

Hand Tools

Burgon and Ball hail from the home of steel making and tool manufacture: Sheffield. Darlac specialise in lightweight and unusual tools to make gardening jobs easier to do: the basis of their designs originates from information gleaned from people in the trade.

The wooden FSC handles are tactile and warm to work with; the stainless steel makes them rust resistant and also makes sure that the tools retain their good looks. Thought has been put into angling tangs, blades and tines to reduce energy expended during their use. What more could you ask from a hand tool?

Compost ScoopCompost Scoop Compost Scoopwidth 8.5 x length 31cm£10
Daisy GrubberDaisy Grubber Daisy Grubberlength 28cm£10
Fork - flat tinedFork - flat tined Fork - flat tinedlength 29cm £10
Fork - flat tined mid-handledFork - flat tined mid-handled Fork - flat tined mid-handledlength 47cm£15
Fork - round tinedFork - round tined Fork - round tinedlength 29cm, good with clay soil£10
Shrub rakeShrub rake Shrub rakewidth 13cm x length 58cm£10
Shrub rake - mid-handledShrub rake - mid-handled Shrub rake - mid-handledwidth 13cm x length 58cm£15
TrowelTrowel Trowelwidth 7cm x length 30cm£10
Trowel - mid-handledTrowel - mid-handled Trowel - mid-handledwidth 7cm x length 48cm£15
WidgerWidger Widgerwidth 3cm x length 33cm£10
Block-paving brushBlock-paving brush Block paving brushhandle length 158cm£10
Japanese razor hoeJapanese razor hoe Razor hoehead width 12cm, length 3cm, overall length 165cm£25
B&B Spud hoeB&B Spud hoe Spud hoestainless steel ,hoes flowerbeds and crowded veg plots£12
B&B Winged weed sliceB&B Winged weed slice Winged weed slice137cm ash handle£25
Darlac mini snipsDarlac mini snips Mini snipsstainless steel blades, comfortable rubber grip£9.50
Darlac compact bypass prunersDarlac compact bypass pruners Compact bypass prunersstainless steel blades, maximum cut 20mm£12
Darlac ergo prunersDarlac ergo pruners Ergo prunersstainless steel blades, maximum cut 14mm, ergonomic design£9.50
Darlac ergo snipsDarlac ergo snips Ergo snipsstainless steel blades, ergonomic design£9.50
  • FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This organisation promotes responsible management of forests. Any product with its logo on assures you that you are buying a product made with timber from a well-managed forest.
  • The neck of a trowel is the ″tang″. These trowels have their tangs angled for ergonomic efficiency.
  • Shrub rakes usefully claw leaves out from difficult to reach nooks and crannies under shrubs - leaving no snail unturned!