The Bothy Raised Bed

Raised Beds

Our raised beds are constructed from sturdy 8″ x 2″ cedar planks attached to corner posts that are designed to be dug into the ground to secure the bed.

The beds are supplied flat pack or built in differing lengths but with a standard width of 4′ that allows the bed to be worked from either side without needing to tread on the soil.

We can supply alternative sizes on request, as well as topsoil and compost needed to fill them.

4′ (122cm)4′ (122cm)£60
4′ (122cm)6′ (183cm)£80
4′ (122cm)8′ (244cm)£95
  • The timber used to construct this product is from sustainably managed British woodland. The timber has been milled on our own sawmill and put together in the Bothy workshop.
  • Cedar is naturally durable and can be used outdoors without treatment, but as a natural material timber can shrink, crack, warp or change colour with age.