Rachel Evans

I have been weaving for nineteen years using local and sustainable materials. I grow some of my own willow and use small local suppliers as much as I can. I cut and dry most of the willow myself, so I can select the best rods. This is hard work, but satisfying.

I like to use different varieties of willow in my baskets to add texture and colour. I also gather wild materials from around my home in the Staffordshire Moorlands to make some of my more unusual hedgerow baskets and Christmas wreaths.

In addition to weaving standard pieces, I take commissions for weaving individual designs.

  • Some of the different varieties of willow I use in my baskets include; Black Maul, Flanders Red, Brittany Greens, Wizzender, Green Dicks, Dark Dicks and Jagiolonka and I often label up may baskets with the varieties used and often where they came from.
  • I use local willow suppliers in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.