David and Louise Salsbury

We produce our colourful earthenware pottery and tiles at our home studio in Loughborough.


Our pottery forms are simple yet functional. I have developed a palette of ceramic colours that allow me to illustrate the surface using washes and line. My imagery is taken from the natural world.


My graphic design background has given me a strong sense of colour and surface pattern, I use objects from nature (leaves, seed pods..) which are pressed in to soft clay to make my tiles. I like to capture the discarded and overlooked to create a permanent record of its existence.

  • Our training combines David′s sculpture and ceramics with Louise′s graphic design background. We both gained further experience in ceramics while working at the Fulham Pottery in London in the 1980s.
  • We set up our first studio in London selling our work at Greenwich market and Merton Abbey Mills. Through the 1990′s we started making for galleries and shops as well as selling at craft fairs and ceramics festivals.
  • We have moved home and workshop a few times over the years, each time absorbing the influences of our surroundings -and it has always strongly affected our work.